Get Involved!

The Intergroup Meeting will be on the second Saturday of each month at noon.  You can attend in person, by phone, or online at  Instructions for virtual attendance here.

(515) 604 9819,  access code 246817

Church of the Cross (off Prosperity Farms Road)
2575 Lone Pine Road, Palm Beach 

Come get involved. We want to build ACA community in South East Florida. Have an idea for an event or workshop? Let’s do it!

There are lots of volunteer opportunities. We are just getting started. Come join us!

Currently we need someone to monitor the email account and it would be great to have someone to monitor a help line/info that people can call.   We also need people to organize and conduct events for the area.  Parties, workshops, picnics, etc. 

If you are interested in service at the ACA WSO level, there are lots of volunteer opportunities there.

ACA WSO Volunteer Opportunities

Member and Public Service Committee supports ACA members through ACA-related materials, and by providing resources, services and information to the public and professionals. Activities include Intergroup support, Delegate Training, Member Communications, and Hospitals & Institutions Outreach.

European Committee supports the fellowship in Europe and maintains a Europe-focused ACA website ( Volunteer needs: English language writers and editors for TC minutes, newsletters, reports and web content; translation assistance (most European languages); and telephone/Skype sponsorship of European adult children (English or other languages).

Literature Committee carries the recovery message of Experience, Strength and Hope through books, trifolds and e-publications, as well as through our quarterly ComLine newsletter. Volunteer needs include writers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, photographers, and publication professionals able to support project development.

Finance Committee supports WSO’s treasurer by examining and working on issues affecting WSO finances. Volunteer needs include cost auditors, budget professionals, and people with experience in inventory, distribution and marketing.

OPPM Committee oversees an ongoing review of WSO’s Office Procedures and Policy Manual, which guides ACA World Service. Volunteer needs include people with experience in reviewing, editing and drafting manuals and complex documents.
Web Committee oversees and supports operation of

Volunteer needs include people knowledgeable in web operations and design.

Service Structure Ad Hoc Committee is ensuring WSO’s long-term service capabilities by studying other 12-Step fellowships and proposing updates to ACA’s service structure. Volunteer needs include people with 12-Step service experience; researchers; and people experienced in writing and editing proposals.

ABC Committee reviews applications of ABC hosts, and prepares ABC agendas and delegate binders.

Please visit the website: ACA World Service Organization