Financial Information

Our Intergroup is run by volunteers.  We are currently looking for someone who is willing to serve as our Treasurer.  Thank you to Louis B for being our Treasurer during the first year, 2017.

You can see a list of 7th Tradition contributions made to IG by the groups here.

Thank you also to Jay B for funding literature purchase from his own account.  Hopefully as our finances improve, it will not be necessary for individual intergroup volunteers to fund expenses.

Our total income for 2017 was $2205. That included some loans from volunteers to get the bank account funded and pay some initial incorporation expenses.

Our total expenses for 2017 were $944 (excluding literature purchases).  That included repayment of those loans, rent for workshops, PO box and website expenses, and state registration fees for the non profit corporation.

At the end of 2017, we had a bank balance of $1260.  We are in the process of determining what we should keep as a prudent reserve, but most likely it will be in the neighborhood of $1000.

We plan to spend some of the excess to help a representative travel to the 2018 ACA ABC and Convention in Toronto and to fund a kick off picnic (details to follow).

See details of 2017 Income and Expense.