7th Tradition

“The fund flow model of the ACA program is based on a 60/40 disbursement. After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is  sent to the local Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609.

If you are the treasurer of your group, you can use the  button below to transfer your group’s 7th Tradition contribution to intergroup, using paypal directly or with a credit card:

7th Tra-dition

or you can mail a check to

SE FL ACA Intergroup, Inc.
1131 N Palmway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Please be sure to tell us which group is making the donation.  For checks, please write the group number on the check in the memo area.  For paypal transfers, please use the form below to tell us who you are.

The 7th Tradition reminds us that Intergroup ought to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions.  We do welcome help from groups and members that wish to support our efforts.  Here are a few ideas of how you can help:

  • Host a fundraiser
  • Participate
  • Announce our events at your meeting

What you need to know is that Intergroup is not here to tell you how to run your meeting, impose our opinions on you, or needlessly collect your funds.  We are here to support you, help you build your meeting, help build ACA in South East Florida, and ensure our collective voices are heard by the ACA WSO.   Read more about what we do by clicking here.

We receive no funds from any government agency, or public or private entity.   Our services are made possible by the voluntary contributions of our members. The only requirement for membership, is the desire to recover from the affects of family addiction or dysfunction.  If you are a member of Adult Children of Alcoholics and would like to help support our services, please click the donate button below.  We need your help!