Intergroup meeting today 11:45

Hi Fellow Traveler!

Just a reminder that the Southeast Florida ACA Intergroup will be meeting today, Jan. 12 at 11:45 am at Cross Community Church , 2575 Lone Pine Rd, Palm Beach Gardens. (Located on Prosperity Farms Rd., 2 lights north of PGA Blvd.)

If you can’t be there in person and want to attend by phone, you can call My Free Conference Call number at 515.604.9819 and use the access code 246817#.

Attached are the minutes from the December 8th meeting.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Kathy A.    Intergroup Chairperson


Here are notes from last month thanks to Jeannie.

Intergroup December 8, 2018

Prior to the meeting Kathy discussed the meeting date and time regarding why we meet on Saturday and at the Lone Pine Rd. location.  She explained that most of those who attend the  IG meeting attend the Saturday meeting which meets prior to the IG meeting.

Jeannie read the minutes from last month. They were approved.  The meeting was opened with prayer and the “meeting purpose” item was also read.

No Treasurer’s Report as Nancy was unable to attend.  Jay gave the Literature Report.  We are now using the credit card for sales.  We shall go that route hereon.  A reminder that IG gets 30% discount on literature. Jay will produce a ledger sheet showing literature sales info.  Some groups tack on $2 to the cost of the BRB to cover pamphlets’ costs. He recommended adding more as suggested by WSO.  Kathy pointed out we are not able to revisit this issue at this time. She will make a table helping us stay organized regarding when topics may be revisited.  She also reminded that us topics must be on the agenda for discussion. Carolyn mentioned encouraging people to read the minutes on the web site to stay abreast of issues.  We owe Jay perhaps $1000.

No Public Relations Report.  Maryanne said there actually are women’s units within the Institutions locally. She stated that Kelly should contact the Institutions Committee for AA.

Old Business 

Workshops Report:     The dance and party was overwhelmingly successful. There were perhaps 90 in attendance.  We took in about $400 but the turkeys were costly so no money was made.  The Non-Dominant Handwriting Workshop went well but had to pay $25 an hour for rent.  Kathy stated the Workshops are powerful for us because of her vision for connection, and this is taking place.  She was asked if she is willing to travel to do her workshops and she said if her schedule permits her to do so and if the venue is provided for her.  All PBC workshops are held at The Unitarian Church.  Shannon said The Emotional Sobriety Workshop went well.  They took in perhaps $90 and spent that much as well.

Upcoming Workshops: Nancy U will be doing a workshop related to vision boards, Kathy- How Clutter Blocks Recovery, and a God Box Workshop by Patty.  Broward – Jaes – “Exploring Pathways to Experience Your Inner Child.” Scheduled for Jan. 19th.

Picnic Update – Steve will help with the picnic. Dana will handle games. Melinda will DJ. Natalia offered to decorate.

Regarding the need for assistance with events, Carolyn suggested that Nancy place a volunteer poster board on our website with contact info.

New Business

Phil was on the agenda to give information regarding his self esteem workshop entitled  “Self esteem Yours, Theirs and Ours.”  His approach is to tie in Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy to the relevance of how ACA meets the needs of fellow travelers.  His workshop will entail storytelling and activities.  It will take place in February possibly.

ABC Delegate Update

Jim C. Said he has gotten some funding to send the delegate to the Annual Business Conference.  The Stuart meeting donated $125., and the Wed. Men’s Group donated $300.  Most groups have one account called the operating account and the money comes from there.  He said he does not see a problem getting the funds and he mentioned the importance of awareness regarding this as a goal. He mentioned the need for a liaison that communicates information to the leaders of all of the ACA meetings.  Marjorie expressed an interest in helping with this.  Maryanne provided her with email addresses.  Kathy will contact Marjorie also to follow up on this.

Maryanne said the BRB states that it is ideal that inter groups send a delegate.  Jeannie said she checked with a board trustee regarding this and was told that the BRB was written ten years ago and that the book is evolving and being re-written and that the hope now is for as much representation as possible.  Jeannie stated representation is imperative because much important information is disseminated.  Additionally, delegates return with increased enthusiasm that becomes the catalyst for more service that results in more people being helped worldwide.  She hopes that in the future the IG and groups send delegates because so much is covered and it is too much for me person.  Jim stated representation is important and that we should be making money on our many events.  Kathy agrees and said she will check on when we can revisit this.

Jeannie was on the agenda because she hopes to be a delegate for the ABC.  There was discussion related to the fact that the treasurer was not available to report on funds.  It appears there is $3600., but we owe Jay some of that and need to maintain a prudent reserve.  Maryanne stated there was a prior vote to provide full subsidization. Kathy said she would rather see the money spent on workshop loud speakers and getting red books circulated more.  Maryanne developed a delegate responsibility list which she read.  A new item on the list was that there be an event where the delegate give a full report after the ABC subsequently reporting on the experience.

Jeannie read her notes related to what she accomplished as a delegate:

ABC Delegate Accomplishment of J. Toper

-Did not just attend the two full days of meetings but paid full attention, represented Palm Beach County by participating and presented home group suggestions such as how our counties have increased membership due to our local mental health counselors who promote  ACA within their practices.

-Took excellent notes, made hundreds of copies and distributed them to 5 meetings.

-Acquired the proposals from the website, prepared the ballots, made hundreds of copies, generated hardcopies of the proposals, acquired the votes, tallied them and voted at the business meeting accordingly.

-Once proposals passed, advocated for changes at business meetings.  For example, the proposal regarding the usage of correct pronouns within the meeting formats. This important piece has possibly been implemented in both counties.

-After a plea from the Finance Trustee for more contributions was made at the ABC an informative separate flier was made asking for more contributions for WSO and subsequently financial contributions have increased in both counties.

-Continued to promote awareness regarding the need for European sponsorship and asked for volunteers for assistance with the many new literature publications.  Tried to ignite interest regarding our goal of getting ACA meetings in hospitals and institutions.  Acquired the introduction letters for this and distributed them.

-Reached out to other delegates and board members and invited them to speak at our meetings locally.

-Generated info regarding new information from the convention as well ~ such as the importance of speaker meetings, the importance of the protection of shares regarding cross talk and how it covers before and after the meeting as well to insure the safety of fellow travelers, and the new committee which is developing guidelines regarding predatory behavior (both sexual and through extensive sponsoring.) Purchased the USB and CD’s of the convention workshops and made them available. Introduced the idea used at the ABC/WSO wherein the verbiage “May we take a moment of silence for the inner children still not in our rooms,” before the closing prayer.

-Developed a proposal to change the name of ACA to Adult Children Anonymous and got it passed by the IG and I did the paperwork to present it to the Board for approval.

Jeannie and Jim both said there is time to raise the funds and it will most likely work out okay regarding funding attendance.  Jeannie said she usually spends about $600. – $700 of her own money anyway.  She said that at this point she simply wishes to know if she needs to seek ABC attendance from another group.  The IG voted to have her as the IG delegate.  She expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

Update on Ft. Lauderdale bid for the World Service Convention for 2020.

Shannon reported the paperwork is being done by Bill D and it is in process.  The application is due Dec. 15 th.  They applied through our IG.  They have several volunteers.  Jim B will manage the web part of the convention.  She asked for volunteers for web support names for the application. .  People took Shannon’s contact info. Jeannie said there is also a bid from Reno

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