ACA World Service Proposals

Dear Fellow Traveler,

The ACA ABC and World Conference is coming up in late April.

If your home group is sending a delegate to the meeting, he or she needs instructions from your group on how to vote on the two proposals below that will proceed to a delegate vote.  Please take a couple minutes to read over the proposals below to give your group’s delegate (if any) your vote.

The following two proposals received  a two-thirds positive vote from the fellowship, and will be included as part of the ACA ABC (Annual Business Conference) agenda.      


Proposal 2018 – 5

Submitted on September 27, 2017 by Greater Toronto Area, CN (IG558)

Issue:  We propose that WSO look into adding intergroup and meeting group web links into the WSO website directory listings on

History/Reasoning:  We would like to easily access other fellowships web links for additional information and resources.  The current directory on does not contain web links.

Argument in Favor:  This increases our ability to collaborate and share resources and new ideas as a fellowship.  This will increase our healing opportunities with efficiency worldwide.  Its grass roots sharing.  Web links will afford the different fellowship groups and abundance of opportunities.

WSO Analysis:  WSO agrees it is a good idea to provide web links on the WSO website for intergroups and meetings to our members to help us find each other better on the web. We think this can be achieved while still following the ACA Traditions.  We expect this to be part of a newly designed website and meeting list that our Website and Database Committee hopes to unveil during the first quarter of 2018.

Proposal 2018 – 7

Submitted on September 30, 2017 by New York, NY (NY131)

Issue:  We propose that the WSO utilize online conferencing and voting technologies to provide remote access to the Annual Business Conference, for those not chairing in the WSO. This is so that phone and cyber meeting groups, geographically distant members, those with limited time availability or childcare obligations, or other restrictions, may attend as delegates or otherwise vote on matters of concern to ACA as a whole.

History/Reasoning:  The ABC is broadcast via audio streaming, however this does not provide interactive remote participation at the conference. The WSO already uses teleconferencing for committee meetings.  Currently thousands of US dollars and at least 3 weekdays are required to attend and vote at the ABC. Although the ABC invites individual ACA members and groups, those willing to have a voice at the ABC must have the time, and the financial and physical ability to attend, or they must engage in significant WSO level service in order to obtain financial support to attend the conference. Not all groups or intergroups have sufficient funds to send a delegate to the ABC.  This implies that a significant number of adult children and ACA groups around the world, are left out of the ABC.  Corporations widely use interactive video and telephone teleconferencing. Both in-person and remote video attendees are able to deliberate face-to-face in an orderly fashion through a moderator, typically with the active speaker’s image displayed on participants’ monitors.   Similarly, remote ABC delegates could video conference and interact with in-person delegates as well. A listen-only connection, such as one that accepts button presses as voting choices, is an example of how voting could be easily extended to recognize registered, non-delegate voters.

Argument in Favor:  There are inexpensive means available today to allow adult children to be heard. ACA members are willing, but not able, to participate in the bottom-up structure of the ABC. It is the hope and right of all adult children to be counted and heard.

WSO Analysis:   The Website and Database Committee is currently reviewing technical options that would allow groups to remotely participate in the ABC. This is a major effort and requires coordination with a number of WSO Committees and over 1,700 ACA group representatives. The Committee’s concern is that trying to deliver something to such a large number of groups too quickly could hurt the integrity of the ABC voting process. The Committee hopes to begin piloting some version of remote participation for the Board’s monthly teleconferences after the first of the year that may then be piloted at the Toronto ABC.

Note: The authors of this motion, and others with technology expertise, are invited to join the Website and Database Committee to help with this work.  Please contact


We have also updated the Palm Beach County meeting list available for download here.  Thanks to Jennifer who does the update!  Broward and Miami folks, please send any updates to the Southern meeting lists.

The South Florida ACA Intergroup needs help planning an upcoming picnic. The next meeting will be held on Sat., April 14 at noon at Cross Community Church.  If you would like to do some service, email me back and let me know that you would like to help!



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